Leap second on July 1st, 2012 leads to high server load

At 2:00 AM (CEST) on July 1st a leap second was inserted into the worldwide timekeeping system.

This change revealed a Java bug on servers with activated NTP services (that automatically update the system time), which increased the system load to 100% or more. A very large number of servers worldwide have been affected by this problem, including a number of FACT-Finder servers.

Our system administrators have been working since the middle of the night to analyze and correct this problem; as of 11:30 AM (CEST) we have confirmed that the problem has been repaired on all our affected SaaS and ASP servers.

If you host FACT-Finder on your own system, we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions available here.

This will help you to correct the problem very quickly.

Please note that this is not a FACT-Finder bug, but a fundamental problem in Java, and there may be other Java-based systems that are affected by this error.